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Digital Climate Control Madness...

So I was driving in the rain testing out my maf after cleaning it off and shit. Car is now powerful down low but feels like it's choking balls at the top of the powerband. Oh well fair trade off for drive-ability I suppose. But also my windows fog up like a motherfucker because the defrost function for some reason doesn't work on my climate control. Simone Video Blog from wayne edwards on Vimeo . NOTE : IN TEST SCREEN 2. 21 - ambient temp sensor 22 - in cabin temp sensor 25 - sun load sensor Sam at says my wiring is at fault, I think I just have a faulty unit. My wiring is on POINT with the jdm wiring. alright so the little flat plug picture at the bottom is connector M28. This is your mode door motor harness connector, it should be brown. to get an idea of how you're to look at the connector to tell which wire is which with the diagram above. If the dot above the grid numbers is hollow/white. It means you're LOOKING at the face of the plug where i

@ Shadow works.

So I took my car to Steve Shadows to take a look at, immediately after turning it on he knew the timing was off, we finally got the car strapped down in the dyno and corrected the timing. (it was off by 33 degree's) After that the car ran like dogshit, mainly because the tps sensor which he thinks is the main problem is not from an sr20det, but from a ka24de. So it's sending the wrong signal to the ecu. On top of that him and the other fellow that was there say I don't have an sr20det maf on my car, but every other MAF I've seen for sale online looks like mine. except for this one. 22680-40F00 = 89-90 240sx SOHC Mine looks nothing like that. From what I'm looking at, this is an SOCH KA24DE maf, which you can use with an sr20. Mass Air Flow Sensors: All S13/S14 MAF are 3 wire 22680-52F00 = S13 silvia 22680-69F00 = S14 Zenki (all s14 are NOT interchangeable) 22680-69F01 = S14 Kouki (all s14 are NOT interchangeable I have 22680-52F00 on mine. Which is

Street Machine


Springs settled a bit.


10mm spacers verdict.

before. after. It rubs when I turn now, if I lowered the back a few turns it would be herra frush. But i'm thinking of raising the car actually. Street driving is getting real fucking annoying this low.

Exceed Moat Dash setup

I just came, uncontrollably.

Wheel spacer screw up.

So installing wheel spacers was todays task. I purchased : Ichiba NS-50210 Extended Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5x114.3 10mm : Item #: Ichiba_NS-5021. From and everything seemed to have gone smoothly until. It looks like I should've ordered Ichiba NS-50210S Extended Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5x114.3 10mm Since the studs it come with are for the rear hubs. Talking with the FRsport staff right now, looks like I will have to do an item exchange. Hopefully this doesn't take all week, guess in the meantime I can rip off my throttle body and try to remove the two broken studs in it.