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Tuesday : Paint Prep Day 2

taking the doors apart fucking sucks so much ass, and this is just the easy stuff. Just wait until I get to where I am removing weather stripping and crap, just the thought of it makes me cringe. =( to remove your door handle, the best way to do this is to remove your window. While you can technically get the door handle installed with the window in the car still. Trust me, I've done it and you will end up breaking the retainer clips for all of the stupid rods needed to open and close your doors. first you want to take a 12 socket to this guy right here and take him off completely, there are two more to the right of him you can loosen and just slide down. You'll see it if you attempt it those are the other two... with power windows you will want to move the windows up a tad so you can get the two 10mm bolts holding on the glass. here and here and then move that green retainer clip off of the rod w/o breaking it, otherwise prepare to buy a new one or hope you'

Monday : Paint Prep Day 1

Alright, as promised Monday I start sanding, due to me getting sunburned this weekend it’s probably not a good idea to be in the garage exposed to sun. There really isn’t a lot of things on the car to technically sand besides the doors (because you have to remove the handles and that process really stinks) So I started off with the hood. Gave the car a quick “wash” with some soap and water, to get the dust off. Then started to wet-sand the carbon hood. I’m going to throw some kitty hair in all of the cracks to make it a bit stronger, fix the bowed edges, re-resin it, then primer and paint. I expect no less than it to still be wavy as fuck. But until I am working and can afford the masa motorsports bonnet, I’m fucked with this hood for now. pretty much have a big ole sponge loaded with water. block, wipe, block, wipe, block, wipe, let dry and see if I can see anymore clear. then after it dried from the wet-sanding, I dry-sanded it after removing the water sprayers and the hoo

Nuttin' Much

Well I decided I wanted to finish up the wiring inside of the car for the water temp gauge, at the same time I decided I would install my roommates radio he's had sitting in the closet for almost 3 years now. I had some kenwood radio in the car that blew ass, stupid piece of shit wasn't installed properly in a nutshell and it got on my nerves, always in demo mode while running. So I refused to hook it back up... I cut out the 4 different sets of crimp connectors and sub harness wires that were there before, and soldered the pioneer sub harness in. Testing. And the wiring for the water temp gauge, since I already tapped the wires by the radio I didn't feel like trying to figure out how to tape the same power sources elsewhere to make the wiring shorter. Stupid imo but this works so fuck it, just gotta tape everything up and put it all back together. Stupid because the sensor is hard wired in somewhat so it's going to be slightly retarded to remove all of this s


There really isn't much of an update besides it's all back together, everything has been tq'ed down to spec and red loctite was applied all around this time generously. Threw some teflon tape around my transmission plug and it got rid of the k9 period drip of the tranny fluid. ran the car in all five gears on the jackstands, i'm going to safely assume an sr20 can pump out 160mph cause in fifth gear that shit flew down to the odo past 120 lol. (wheels were not on in the rear, going to keep it up on stands while I prep it for paint. Anyway instead of pulling the engine because I was way too lazy to put my cherry picker back together. I used the spare tire jack instead against the head of my radiator and against the block, not enough pressure to fuck up the radiator but enough to tilt the engine back about 10-20 degree's which made it worlds easier to get that fucking input shaft in the clutch disc. I had to do some MMA shit to get the transmission on. First I ha

Transmission Submission

The day most Nissan owners dread… transmission servicing. Hrmn, well I had mentioned in my last update I was removing the transmission… Well that wasn’t so bad, it only took 3 hours… since I didn’t use any power tools (dad showed up with air compressor and no gun, no wrench). that’s like showing up with condoms but no pussy. C’mon pops, dayum. Figured it would be a good idea to remove my lower harness so I didn’t fuck it up. Yeah, no breaker bar…. Just that little ass 17 and fucking straight caveman muscled those bitches off. Now I’m trying to figure out how in the hell I am going to torque them back down? It’s hard to see from this angle, but the flywheel is coming off with the transmission, last I remember that’s not how this arangement works. So the mystery has been solved. It wasn’t crank walk It wasn’t a blown pressure plate It was improper torquing of the flywheel bolts Now I have a new problem. how to get this godamned transmission out. Because I have super st