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BN Sport Fenders have Arrived.

That was fast! Very cool stuff ordering my first and probably last package from japan. These fenders have been on the "want" list for a very long time. There aren't many 30mm fender options out there, and I just couldn't obtain a set of oem fenders to radius out to 30mm. I kind of like fiberglass anyway, it's easy to deal with, and repair. And doesn't dent, it just breaks haha. Cool envelope that comes with parts Some kind of instructions, really upside down or right side up looks the same to me.  ooooh a sticker.  Legit You can tell these were freshly cut, still had some light fiberglass dust on them.  Now I just need to save up for paint... Would be nice to have the front end repainted before the summer, but that's wishful thinking. Probably wont get painted until later in the year or if I can sell my current fenders and use the money to buy paint for my brother to do his thing.  Also going to have the roof repaired o

Radiator, the story continues....

stupid piece of shit fan controller.  I decided to work on my car saturday, I had already pulled out the radiator and fan previously, only to install all of this stuff on my s14 radiator I got from Jordan Innovations. I'm going to run an isis now, not that I think brand is deathly important. Quality however is, previously I had some super oversized e-bay radiator. Then I had an s13sr Griffin radiator in here that didn't belong. Now I have an actual s14 radiator, so I need to buy some legit s14 radiator brackets up top since I've never ran them. And I was trying to sort out the best way to run the temp probe for my fan controller. I've come to the following conclusion, any fan controller that doesn't monitor temp based off of water temperature is a flaming piece of shit. I drove the car around for a bit at 100 degree temps, now the probe itself was burning hot, to the touch. However, the other end of that wire the probe was connected to was cold to the touch.

So I found that leak on my radiator...

Radiator had me on one today, it should take a few moments to remove a radiator. Depending if you have the brackets to hold it to the core support or upper radiator support, blah blah. I kind of see why some people prefer tucked radiators or ones that bolt to the core support itself. the radiator wasn't coming out. lol Out of excess for personal reason's I wouldn't mind converting to a rear mount radiator setup for shits and giggles. Someday in the future I suppose, the car isn't my daily means of transportation anymore so I guess I can get a little more wild with simone. Speaking of which I will send her off to my brother to get painted for the billionth time. Anyway. I posted in a video in the last post that there was this slow leak, apparently the top of the radiator always had fluid in it, which made it look like it was full, but the return water was flying out of the bottom of the radiator. So the water never really was cycling through the motor, it was

Some forward progress!

I've been putting working on the car off because I didn't want to get all involved on my weekends working on it. I'm anal and I have maintenance ADD, so I'll start fixing shit that didn't really need fixing in the first place, just because. There was still some light out when I got home so I decided to get a little greasy and try to troubleshoot this damn door latch again. I feel really bad that I've let the car get so dirty, but seriously the whole lock thing has been a buzzkill. Even if I fix the door opening and closing, I still cannot lock/unlock the door from the outside of the car. I don't have a car alarm currently installed on the car. It's not going to matter anyway since it's not going to get very far at all if anyone tried to take it lol. I make sure it's in a disabled state, and even then the radiator has a nice hole in it. You'll see in the video the leak just from idling, now imagine how much water it's losing when the

Falken Tires Photoshoot

I had the luxury of being involved in this, here is a behind the scenes video released by Falken Tires!

Poor Car, still on the sidelines. But there is hope

I came up on some cash and instead of repairing my Vertex Fenders I decided to finally bite the bullet and get BN Sport fenders for the car they're 30mm wide vs the 12mm width of the vertex fenders which I thought would be enough to compensate for 10in wide wheels, but I guess I just suck at calculating offset and wanted that extra inch of lip too bad. Notice the slight poke and having to run 225/35/18's to clear the fenders with almost no camber. (I believe it's at -2.5) 18x10 -3 I had a few things in mind to remedy this situation, 1 originally was to buy some OEM Metal fenders and just to fabricate natural looking flares, while extending the metal out so it retained basically a factory appearance. While that idea sounded simple enough, I know that my or my brothers skill as a welder or fabricator would've compromised the strength and integrity of the fender as opposed to someone skilled in fabrication or metal work like Luis Gonzalez, or Juan Vargas ( good