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It almost seems like yesterday.

One of the first problems I had with this car was the fucking doors ... 2008 back when the door opened and I had a garage to work in.  So now... Had to destroy the door panel to access the lock and rods.  So you're probably going to say "why didn't you just open the door and take off the interior panel?" And I'm going to get pissed off by repeating myself endlessly. SYMPTOM The actual Door latch has gone bad, or needs to be severely lubricated. I've found a few threads where people have experienced the same issue. The only problem with mine is most of the rods have fallen off of the latch. So both door handles fully cranked do nothing, even manually stimulating the latch by hand will not open the door. --------------- I'll need to get some really good pictures of the mechanism to see if their is something I'm not doing or where to hit it with some lubricant. Or if it's just not functioning properly, I think if I can fit a digita