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Spraypaint the world, or the bottom of your hood.

When I originally bought this Garage-S hood on my car it was in pretty bad shape. I'm sure you can look up previous postings with it. ( here , and here  as well as other places) My brother did his magic, shaved all of the bondo some idiot put all over the bottom of it. resin'd it up and I ran out of paint once the exterior parts of the car were repainted. Go figure! I am not a big conveyor of taking my car to shows and showing my engine bay. As I mod the car here and there I've come to learn quite a few things. Tucking engine bay components especially electrical, fancy looms and all of that shit is great for show. But if you drive the car daily and need to troubleshoot something. Say goodbye to hours of work to remove something from sight. Relocate fusebox to dashboard, no problem! need to troubleshoot electrical in that area dashboard has to come out. So now with my new fan controller bolted to a shock tower I'm more less than likely to show my motor to anyone exce

4th Annual S-Chassis Car Show

Sat at work last night, realized it was the 8th, hey that s-chassis car show is on the 8th. I know John has tried to get me to come down again the last two years but my car looked like shit. I didn't want anyone to see it. I don't want anyone to see it or post pictures now because it's still not completely buffed or color sanded, paint is hazed in some area's and I still don't have my canards installed. Plus I want to paint the bottom of the hood black as well so maybe I can show off my ugly ass engine bay. (actually being able to see the red walking around the car is just ugly lol. Anyway got off of work 5:30am co worker was late so 6am, cruised home washed car, drive to buddies house to help him change a tire out on his girl units car, got that done. Hit the globo gym, worked on the pecs, because no pecs, no sex! Decided to drive up to crossfit pasadena to see if we wanted to work out with the homies, workout had deads and cleans and burpee's gotta take

Just another day in LA

Car has been running good, I think it's super funny that the stupid replacement center cap I made out of comic book backing board and laminate is staying in place better than the 50 dollar kranze center cap that fell out. I should check with my peeps at Jordan Innovations if the replacement came in or not. I normally don't park my car outside at work because I get that night moisture on it and it's pretty much like the shit rained on it and then blew dust all over the car yet again lol. Not really sure on our photography policy here at CBS but I didn't want a security guard coming at me with bolo's and shit for taking pictures of my own car. She cut out on me the other day, I figured the wastegate was letting it overboost past 80mph which would be normal since it's old as fuck, or I had a boost leak due to a missing turbo stud, that doesn't seem to be the case either. I haven't changed the plugs in almost 8 months but I just put highway miles on