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Paid 15 bucks each for these two photos... No wonder motherfuckers just sit up on the mountains taking pictures of shit. Easiest way ever to make a living. Click to make these massive. Thanks again -Wayne Decker Canyon Run

To give you some quick history, before the 240's I was a honda guy. Most people who know me personally are clearly aware of this. Below on the left is my 99 honda civic Si (her name was Salli), I parted with the car sometime in 2005 and picked up the 1993 Honda Civic Si with a single slammer and a EUDM Sir transmission with factory lsd. Both great cars, and always drove through the mountains aggressively in both when I used to do that sort of thing. You can now write it down that Wayne the biggest hard parker in the world now used to recreationally take his cars to togue before it was "cool" The years and line up changes, but the friendships remain the same. 2004 2004 almost 10 years ago.  It's kind of funny because the camera's back in 2004 were so damn bad, and photo hosting compression was equally as horrible, there are no high resolution pictures of any of my other cars in existence anymore. I lost two hard drives worth of data which is a damn s

Bash Bar, Street Splitter, and Quick Fasteners!!!

This is going to be long.  save your riddicule, and read... but first enjoy this sweet ass gif.  Bashbars and Diffusers The fun part about building a car that doesn't just reside on the track, or car shows is all of the cool research you get to do in the process of tackling something yourself. I would like to build a splitter for my car, but I also want to build a new bumper support bar that will host a few items as well. the window banner is an inside joke. I just wanted to design something off the looks of my actual car. (symmetry isn't my fine point in pen sketching)  In the end I would like to powdercoat everything for longetivity, but I want the car to look as streetable as possible. Obviously the images below are some outlandish examples, I am a huge fan of Sam Ipman's diffuser setup. It's simple and can take a beating if needed, the only issue I think is it's rivited to the bumper directly and not braced by his chassis anywhere. I haven'