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We have the power!!!

Alright, so I needed to get this power steering situation... situated. The KA24DE or S14 power steering hose that runs to the p/s pump, would not fit on the SR20DET p/s pump. Yes, that was a horrible sentence. So my only solution was to remove the banjo bolt holding the power steering pump fitting on both cars and swap them. On the left is the S14 Power steering hose fitting, on the right is the s13's power steering fitting. Luckily for me the banjo bolt that goes in the top is the same for both cars, I brought the s13 one over to my house from my storage (parent's house) just in case. I needed an impact gun to get the banjo bolt's loose, the size is 15/16 for the socket used. Putting it back was not a problem, this ratchet is twice the size of my tq wrench and so was the socket. I have some concerns how this hose sits however above the belt. random shot of wire harness plugged into the ac. Once I have my triple pressure canister situation and hose situation r

Small, update.

I wouldn't call this an update really, but I just wanted to share how I'm running the white/blue, and white/green cables that run to the interior power plugs. I don't really think there is going to be a problem at all how they're run, technically on the fusible link this is how they are run. How the fuses are tripped when there is a power issue is beyond me, but fuck it. I won't question Nissan design, I still think instead of a 100, 60(45), and 80(amp) amp fuse conjoined to a small circuit breaker. Makes less sense than using a 200amp breaker with a trip. But that's my opinion!

That MF'in Relay!!!

Alright so I left off on the previous entry about how I didn't get the clutch interlock relay wired up. And how I was missing a green/white wire and a black/red wire. So I traced where the hell those two missing wires originated from. The two plugs with writing next to them is where I should trace my wires back from. (This is E102, and there is my green/white wire) I previously had this wire going into my headlight relay it seems. Whoops!!! Or is this the *A/C relay, I cant recall. I'm thinking A/C (*air conditioning) Now the black/red wire threw me for a loop. I noticed in my build thread, zilvia member "onepuff" mentioned to me that my headlight plug had some wires listed as in the right position, where as the 97 fsm had them listed in the opposite. So it occurred to me right then, that the relays were probably wired up differently in the 95. These didn't go back to the fusebox at all, black/red branched off from itself into another plug just around th

I feel like a dick!

for not updating this, but I haven't touched the car in about 5-6 days. Promise, only thing I did to it last night was clean up my work space, waiting for my vacuum filter to dry so I can clean it out again. I'm going to remove the rear seats today and finish removing the srs wiring, and finish up the rest of the relay wiring. I hope, I think. LOL! But here are some pictures to keep you mindlessly entertained. I've been trying to figure out how to properly wire up the headlights on my car since it seems they never were. The lows are supposed to stay on when you flick the high beams, apparently some relay's are in need to do this. But from what the 97fsm states, I just need a 5 post relay which looks more like a fucking plug to me. So I'll be searching for that thing today to double check the wiring on it. I think I got the clutch interlock wiring down, and I am going to finish up the E17 plug and the other one that goes to the lower harness from the fuse bo

updates coming, I promise.

I'll have an update for this shiz later.

If you've ever worked on electrical before.

Then you would have this face too. In the process of wiring up my fuse box I took the time to penetrate all of my contacts with the soldering iron and get a little solder up on the wire to hold it in place. Then I have an odd fuse 15 amp with no wire going to it, check my reference sheet and it says a solid red wire about 16 ga should be attached there. But I see no solid red wire! Fuck me, I remembered when I was pulling the wires through the fender well boot that there was a host of red wires that went to absolutely nothing, like at least 3-4 wires off of one lead. At first I decided to cut the extra wires out of the equation, then I just de -pinned it and threw the wire in my spare wire box in case I needed it again. Luckily for me I found it, as it's the wire that runs to the headlight fuse and relay. DOH ! But then I had another problem, the FSM states that the pin should be in the 8 socket, and there was a red/white wire in the 8 socket. So I double checked, trip