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Wekfest LA 2014 Part 4 - The End

What seems like a few days since I've posted last, is the type of vacation I needed after wrenching on the car itself. Unfortunately like many others grinding it to the last minute, there was no sleep to be had. I got home from Jeff's shop around 7am, I couldn't get a hold of Mikey which was to be expected. So I'm like do I go to the Queen Mary, maybe everyone is meeting up at HQ, but I've never been to hq, who the fuck is awake right now to even check their phones. Luckily I was able to get a hold of someone, because if not I was just going to roll into my bed and say fuck it haha. Hell I wouldn't of minded an extra set of hands last night, besides Jeffs, but he came by just to make sure I was not in need of any help to focus on our buddy Robert and his uncomfortable sex groans he kept making. I guess it's only natural for Robert since he was handling two black long shafts at the same time, noh8. I was covered in grease, my back and toes were sore

Wekfest LA 2014 Part 3

A day at Jordan Innovations ( Literally ) Picking up where we left off, it's now about 12:30pm Friday May 30th, the day before the show. I hit Jeff up earlier in the week to see if I could use his lift, my primary goal was to go in, change all of my cars fluids, swap the turbo, and have lunch with my boys... Lunch cut into a good chunk of our time to do actual work. Eddie sends me a picture of an Ahi Tuna Burrito from Brody's Hawaiian BBQ in the morning and was like "THIS IS YOUR INVITE".  Poke, you don't have to tell me twice... As I wrapped up as much detailing with the time I had, I just skipped waxing the whole car with the mentality that I was going to have some time to do this later.  Let me run you back on my time table here. Tuesday I tell my boy Steve I will buy his T28 to replace my turbo, although I did not want to spend the money. My car was blowing smoke like Snoop Lion because of bad seals.  Before I even saw Steve, I put in

Wekfest LA 2014 Part 2

Back at Nisei '11 and probably like forever since I really don't know how to wax or claybar a car properly I've had these nasty swirl marks on my trunk, hood, and bonnet from daily driving my car. Of course I wash it, use microfibers, and nice towels, I even scrub my wash sponge off in the bucket before touching my paint again with it. But to no avail, Fontana atmosphere and multiple weather conditions put a beating on my finish. So one of my goals was to at least try to polish this shit myself, I would've liked to hire a detail person but time was something I really didn't have at this point. Look at the haze on the trunk. It only got worse Fast forward to Tuesday May 27th, I purchased a brand new s15 T28 from my friend Steve,  I headed over to sears to grab some offset wrenches, which I ended up not even needing. But I'll get to that later. I also grabbed something I've been looking for, for a very long time for my own tool bag, and it was a socket

Wekfest LA 2014 Part 1

I tend to spew a lot of thoughts out when I have downtime at work.  I have so many people to thank for the wonderful Saturday that transpired.. It all really started at Eibach in May. I was telling the homie Willy that I wanted to roll to wekfest LA this year and show my car, but I had no idea registration even took place. I know I saw a blip in my feed about San Jose selling out in minutes, but I never saw any mention of Los Angeles. He told me that Mikey had a bunch of spots for Phaze2 cars, because when he grows up he wants to be like James (Floss Designs) and have all of his cars at the show, so to hit him up and see if I can take one. Myself aka 137 or Om1kron, Ben "Stunnaben" Howard, and Willy "Salem" Garcia at Eibach 2014 in Lake Elsinore, CA So as I was standing in line at Chipotle that next week, I hit up Mikey to see what's good. And sure enough He had some extra spots left, Phaze2 has gotten so damn big since I was introduced to them back in