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Got some goodies in the mail

Of course USPS doesn't want to leave my package on the doorstep, they don't want to be responsible for mail theft. But DHL had no problem leaving a huge ass box and BN Fenders on my apartment doorstep. I haven't taken the old water pump off of the car to assess the damage, but from what I've read, the bearing either blew out or the weeper hole or something blew. I dunno anything about no weeper hole, only person weeping when my coolant flew all over the place was me since I gotta buy another damn bottle of the shit. I ordered the gktech clutch fan replacement from enjuku racing due to free shipping although I much rather would've just added it to my purchase from  which they sell ngk bkr7e a LOT fucking cheaper than every other place selling them. I don't really think my car needed new plugs, but why not. I probably will replace the O2 sensor on the car eventually as well, I've been running a fat 02 sensor from a ka24de on

Parts Salvage, Door Latch repair, and Clutch Fans

I have a lot more to post about then I originally anticipated. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine Chris Licup as you may know as Frederic Asbo's biggest fan or you may just actually know Chris let me pull some much needed replacement parts off of his S14 he's building for the track. I originally was going to take his heater core too, but I didn't feel like taking his engine apart to loop his coolant hoses for the box I wanted to remove so I left it be. Chris Licup's Zenki S14 at Garage Life getting caged up Won't need the stuff to the right of the box anymore.  And I came up on a replacement door panel with mis matching fabric. Legit!  There are a few reasons why I grabbed the hvac equipment. 1. I had plans on doing something similar with my a/c install that Toby Broadfield did with his s13 , weather it's going to be as expensive or extensive as his setup remains to be seen. I still have a lot of other loose ends I need to resolve. And one of the

Found this by my car leaving work the other day.

It's a sign... Black Money may be going away at the end of this year... Got a lot of work to do on the engine bay of Simone before I commit to a complete color change. Exterior is easy, the engine bay needs some tlc. I also have a video and some door maintenance stuff I'm going to post up pretty soon, I've just been too lazy to edit the video from my camera. I fixed the door for the most part, but I won't get too involved with that at the moment since it will be out of context. Similar color, but darker green.  I know a few people have already done this paint job already, and I've had a teal car before. I think it's just a really awesome color. I think Jowe Lee also was painting his lexus is300 this color but that car seemed to fall off the face of the earth, wonder what happened there.