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2011 maintenance for that drive up to Sacramento.

To be quite honest, I don't even think I'm going to wax my car for wekfest. I ain't trying to win no trophy and my shits going to get all dirty when driving up there anyway. But there were a few things that were bothering me about my car that needed attending. The low pressure fuel return line had seen better days, plus I had some jimmy rig adapter thing going on with a busted ass old hose that I've just been lagging to replace. And it's been a while since I changed my oil. It's been about 5440+ miles of street driving since I changed it last. My car doesn't burn oil but I did put about 7500+ miles on that high mileage fram filter. Surprisingly the magnet on the drain plug had no shavings so thumbs up to you mobil1 10-30 for holding it down. Even though you make my car sound like a run down KA *jerk off motion* Told double J over at Jordan Innovations that I needed to do an oil change and he suggested I do amsoil so I'm going to give it a go.

Note to self, weld nut to washer next time removing core support.

Note to self, weld nut to washer next time removing core support. Was blasting home on the freeway and noticed the 10 percent of my viewable area out front turned black, after hearing a nice little clunking noise thinking I kicked up a rock. That was the nut coming loose from this pin. A year of street driving and not checking something so simple can lead to a broken windshield if not careful. I don't run a hood latch on my car. I originally was going to put bubblegum at the bottom of that nut to hold it in place but the lady at the gas station did me dirty and was like fuck you I'm on break. So luckily I had some zip ties to put under the nut to get me home. Obviously the next day I got into the ZONE... Auto Zone and grabbed some new M10 nuts and m10 washers and lathered this shit up in loctite. But yeah next time I remove the upper core support I'm welding those nuts to the washers. This is my main means of securing the hood to the car since I don't run a ho

Bro Dozing

Master wire harness man Jeff Jordan, my buddy asked me to drive him down to Laguna to pick up his new work truck. Mind you this was after spending new years together (no homo) and getting 4 hours of sleep I had to wake up and go bro dozing with this guy. Sweet truck, he wanted to take pictures of my car next to his truck exaggerating how big and lifted it was haha. Glad you're happy bro, and Happy New Year. No plans for the 240 this year besides getting them Wedsports SA-60's whenever they come out. Maybe get that racepak dash done this year may not. Masa Motorsports hood for sure. bro Wekfest in February so if you're in norcal and want to see my car in person be there. Maybe Nisei again this year and continuing to daily drive it. bro