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Writing out mod list for my car.

gosh, I have done a lot of shit to this car.

I think it's time to clear the air on Fatlace

What is Beef? What is my Beef? most importantly Where's the beef? A lot of people that know me personally know that I dislike Fatlace, illest, Hella Flush, and all of that nonsense associated with it. Not necessarily for their company, their products, or anything personal with their staff. So Wayne to make this clear You don't have a beef with Mark You don't have beef with his staff You don't hate their clothes Then you're probably wondering, what's the problem? How can you dislike/hate Fatlace without dislike or hating anything in relation to Fatlace.  I guess to be honest I don't really have a problem with "Fatlace" in itself, to be more to the point I dislike the bandwagon and the people in the automotive scene who just throw shit on their car to belong to a crowd. Back in the day I was all about car crews, street racing, and doing dumb shit. Now I'm older, grumpy, and still building cars. Some people have an internet personalit

Wekfest 3 photo bomb

I'm just going to add random photos of my car I find around the web from the event. Just like I did with Nisei. James Balizan from WekSos (l) and me on the right. The Chronicles Will add more as they show up! 

Wekfest 3

I didn't take a lot of pictures, I drove up friday and it was a little rough on the s14. Started to get some arcing on my charge wire. Guess I should probably get that sorted out, after a few pit stops to inspect the wiring it seems an area where I cannot see the main power wire was rubbing against an exposed part of the chassis. Luckily I didn't blow any fuses as I still haven't gotten a set of spares after putting my actual spares in the junction box. I'll have to make a new one, it's just that simple. I stayed in Pleasanton, CA at the Larkspur Landing it was like 89 bucks a night 2 beds 2 rooms, an office, a fridge, pretty damned legit for 89 bucks a night. Plus my car was parked right outside of my hotel room so I wasn't too worried about anyone coming to snatch it, but seriously I didn't see any other imports in this town. So thanks Weksos James for the advice on this neat little spot. I love the fact that it had a smash room, so funny hahaha

9*K Racing Photoshoot

I will post a link to the official official when that all goes up, got some shots in by Motormavens and OMGDRIFT today. One of the models Kendra Jordan was really nice, she modeled on my car first in this like flowy dress that kinda shows mad side boob and inner boob. I love those dresses lets you see pretty much everything. But this blogs about my car not about being a pervert. Sure enough the wind picked up and we got a nice fully... She told me she modeled for playboy before so I figure hey it's a titty no big deal. Oh classical art training how you have desensitized my inner pervert. But all jokes aside she was cool peoples. This guy was cool, forgot his name. climbed on all this shit to take a piss, and in front of a cop. Then motormavens dude rives to shoot location, zero's in on his cock on accident. HAHA The second model was all about her B.I, B.I she was nice but no small talk at all *can I lean on your car* when she was done pretty much punked Fishbein and wa