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Haven't driven Simone in almost 3 weeks, not because I don't want to. Mainly the whole needing to work on her bit is sort of a buzzkill. I just don't have or want to make the time. It should take me about 45 minutes to replace the radiator, but I want to re-locate the temperature probe for the e-fan while I have the fan shroud off. I originally wanted it on the driver side of the car but had to settle with the passenger side since I didn't want the wire dangling near any moving parts. With the shroud already on that didn't seem very logical. So I want to actually take my time and not rush the replacement job, and it would be nice to replace the water pump while the car is apart. I haven't had any problems with the thermostat, so I don't really feel the need to replace that. Especially since money is sparse, that nice car payment came with a decent increase in insurance premium as well. Needless to say, I don't want to start working on Simone, bec

New Car Smell, I don't has it.

Some of you may have been paying attention through social media or what not about me picking up a new car. Let me just make it official with the walk around vid here. (note : I moved the car and was able to get into it from the passenger side, the door doesn't open from the inside either... sigh.) I guess I can take you guys back to last thursday the 31st when I sent a credit app to Universal City Nissan. I got a call about 45 minutes later telling me to swing on by after verifying a few things and lets chat. So I head over to the dealership, I tell them what I want a super base model 2013 sentra. Lowest of the low, they tell me what they have on the lot. They have what I want, they have suped up sentra's they'd like me to look at. But in the end they wanted to make me happy and not shove anything down my throat so I got to pick. So I picked a car and they mentioned one that fit the bill but was midline trim level. The SV but they'll give it to me for the price