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There is still hope for MASA

Dear Wayne T. Edwards,   Your question regarding product MASA MOTOR SPORTS M-Tune Aero Bonnet Hood - Fashion Carbon Nissan Stagea C34 has been answered   Your question: Why is this part showing up in the Sylvia portion of your website, are you guys no longer able to obtain this part for the S14 Sylvia or was it some technical error that listed the Stagea bonnet all over the s14 aero page. Would like to place an order for this in June if possible. MASA MOTOR SPORTS M-Tune Aero Bonnet Hood - Fashion Carbon Nissan Stagea C34 Their answer is: Not sure, but it is only for the stagea. our IT team is looking in to this. There is still hope!!! 

The Blueprint

Lets talk 2011-2012 motor build shall we. I finally picked up my spare redtop from David aka Turtle_m3th on Zilvia. Real cool dude. Came with the intake manifold as I requested and spare temp sensors. Everything else wasn't really needed. The specs on the motor can be found in my previous entry here . I was browsing maxworx website and came across these, they offer a whole A/N Radiator hose setup for sr20 to go along with these fellas. Pictured are the cnc billet aluminum fittings which you can read more about here . There is also a thermostat option for 25 bucks more (obviously the fitting on the left would change.) But how cool is this. I have yet to see a picture of these installed on a motor as I think theyre might be some pulley clearance issues with that thermostat piece. I may bite the bullet on these since I planned on doing an a/n setup radiator anyway. (still keeping the taurus fan and shroud setup, hands down best electric fan setup if you're not keeping the st

Check your plugs

An SR20DET is a very old motor, it's best to always check things on it occasionally since you probably have it in an old ass car too. My motor is from a 1991-1993 Nissan Silvia (S13) Chassis this motor is or almost is 20 years old. It doesn't seem as if it has been rebuilt either all of these years and runs like a champion. A lot of people are curious as to why I went with an s13 redtop as opposed to going with an s14sr20det. A huge factor was price point, back in 2008 and as long as I can remember the only people that will sell and install the newest version of the sr20det motor and hook up A/C want about 6-7 grand just to get you started. That's just not financially feasable to me, I can see paying 6-7 grand for a mazworx motor or something but for a stock ass engine. There is just no way. I purchased my redtop for 2800 dollars which included a ford taurus fan (probably the best electric fan you can run with a built in shroud.) an oversized radiator (like bigger than

Plans for 2011-2012

people like pictures, so I'm just going to explain that way.  18x10 -7(r) and -3(f) deposit for them to be made is happening in June. -sr20det redtop -cp pistons bored to 86.5 -eagle rods -arp rod/head bolts -Apexi 87mmx1.2mm head gasket -new oil pump -new water pump -new timing chain and guides has a spun bearing, which is fine will have bottom end looked at and will replace all arp studs with mazworx spec sr20 studs. worst case scenario new crank and bearings. Picking it up next weekend. 7064 twinscroll .93 a/r capable of 45lbs of boost. retarded! A/N Radiator setup. -16 fittings and hose will integrate water temp sender and swirl tank. and Tucked A/C setup. Still looking for 97-98 HVAC parts, may just buy what I need new from Nissan. not my valve cover Danny Gonzales (Inland180 on Zilvia) was referred by me to my welder Luis Gonzales, owner of (Fineline Tuning) to have a hybrid valve cover made, and was inspired by choices in my build thread to mak