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When you become sick and tired of your car.

I have been watching the temps in my car slowly creep up and I know how this fan controller works, the way I have it set. as soon as it his 85c it comes on and holds temp at 68c until it hits 65c then it turns off and repeats the process. Half of the time the temps in my car never even hit 85c unless I'm driving uphill in a spirited manner.  So lately I've been seeing this a lot And to be honest with you I see it randomly, sometimes the fan controller doesn't come on. But it's a probe type meaning the radiator has to be hot enough to give off the same temp I'm seeing on this guy right here. But if the radiator doesn't have any water in it, and there is nothing to send a heat signal to the fan controller, the fan controller doesn't come on.  Makes perfect sense right?  So what do you logically do when you open up your radiator and you see your coolant is topped off or gives the illusion that the radiator is full until it gets press

Gas Station Candid

I haven't washed my car in almost 2-3 Months now, couldn't even tell in pictures, but I feel really bad letting all of the california acid rain and dirt sit caked up on my wheels. =( Hopefully I can get her washed today. Got exciting news that my replacement center cap will be shipping soon from the motherland! -Wayne