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Off with yer head!!!

Alright so the aids roof panel is off of the car, waiting on my spot weld bit to show up so I can remove the spot welds from the old roof skin edges. Then I need to grind some more bonding material on the roof to separate the sides of the skin off so I can get the next panel set to sit on the roof. Then make the cuts on that so it sits flush with the remaining metal on the hood. THEEEEEEN have my fabricator do the edge welding for me. Sounds simple enough. this is the new oem support brace for the roof skin, below you will see where it had been previously cut before I owned the car. it seems it's not even welded to the roof skin but it's held together by bonding silicone, go figure. haha if only I had the money and resources to make my car a glass top.

Chop Top Update

I just posted this pictures over at the Violent Running Blog, only fitting they make their way here too. had to buy some new cutting discs so I can finish the a pillar roof line and the passenger side roof line.

Roof Swap Walk-Thru

Simone Video Blog : Roof Swap Walk-Thru from wayne edwards on Vimeo .

going to start hacking at the roof in a minute.

Everything is pretty much down to the wire... going to hack the roof. Dunno if I should have my brother do the core support swap for me while it's at the body shop or if I should do it at a later date. I'm thinking the latter, shouldn't even take long at all really. going to look at a spec sheet for the roof to make sure I am only cutting into the roof bonding material and not the actual metal on the pillars. I'll throw up a video later. walking to the garage you can see my foyer has become the home to my parts... got to sand the roof wing still, get rid of the window silicone on the front, cut the bonding material down on the roof skin, sand the passenger side door knob, grind out all of the bondo on this car and re-do it with everclear. $$$$$ profit?

Build Break

I think I injured my left forearm from sanding and over training at the gym. =( so in the meantime. enjoy some videos yo! just go to 4:38 in the video, best part. hands down. Team Falken Rolls Dice in Vegas from Falken Tire on Vimeo . Newest from Skylar Smith of Falken Tire & Violent Running Tribe.

lunch break update.

window guy came and snatched the front window, said a new one would run 120 so I'm going to go that route. Fuck that stupid weld spattered windshield. second I started sanding where the paint chipped off only to find a ton of bondo on the rear quarter, lil brother said to leave it alone until he can look at it tonight to advise what I should do. I should call up the owner (never been in an accident my motherfuckin ass nigga.) and this is what I finished by 1pm, still got some glossy spots I need to hit with the paper. This new sanding block I got rocks, way longer.

What do I know about hard work?

The Roof is coming off next week, I'm going to mark all of the spot welds I need to drill out, buy a bit and have at it while cutting off the pillar sections and then seeing how much of a bitch it's going to be to pull off without fucking up my pillars. I'm chillin in the front yard, with a lizzard. rad. scraped the silicon out that was left with broken glass, this is not fun. here is where I left off. called it a day yesterday since it was like 102 degree's outside. Today it's not so bad in the garage (Tuesday the 14th) so I am taking a razor and getting personal with the silicon so I can uncover the spot welds so I can drill em out. semi done. sliding the razor between the panels to help find any spot welds that aren't really visible. here there isn't a spot weld, see how deep the razor goes in. and here is a spot weld, see no love. mooked up. had to saw off the top of the fucking antenna to get that godamned thing out. Had 0

I told you I was getting all of those windows out... one way or another.

before after sanded up all of the pillars to find the yellow brick road. then the main event, the rear window... this seemed like a really solid and good idea, about 10 pulls in each direction, cord died. The silicon back here is fucking mad thick, so much so I took a godamned fancy ass steak knife to it to see if it would make quick work of the silicone, and it caused me to yank the handle clean off of the knife (not pictured.) So I thought about it, and said nah probably not a good idea. The said to myself, I've always wanted to do this, lets see what happens. So I took my mini sledge, and tapped the upper left hand corner of the window, seriously I mean tapped it and well... The fucking window exploded, like a loud ass BOOM and the passenger upper corner just flew all over my garage, FUCKING BAD ASS!!! It sounded like a bowl of rice crispies for 30 minutes. snap crackle pop, snap crackle pop. I've never broken a window before, much less an automotive one

Thursday : throwing stones in a glasshouse

Word is bond... bong... out here in the front chillin, flippy floppies, under armor shirt, n/e fitted, taking the fucking interior out of the car again. sigh. I am determined to take all of the rear glass out today, that is my fucking mission, if I break the rear windshield, fuck it I got another.... Tripple C's, get monay... baaaawwwwwssssssss. trilllllaaaaaaaaaa. anyway. My mother didn't have anything better to do today (retired) so I made her bring me a box of sandwich bags with labels on them so I can start putting away my parts and keep them fresh. mad thirsty out here. shits supposed to be pomegranate, orange, peach, green tea. But the shit just tastes like cucumber juice watered down. ugh, not satisfying at all. after ripping out the rear interior and bagging misc items I decided to try tackling removing the rear mirrors on the side. From the inside of the car it didn't look so hard, so I started here and little by little (I DID NOT PRY) I let the heat

Man it's hotter than a mug.

I probably stepped out into the garage at 12:30pm with my thumb in my ass trying to figure out what I wanted to accomplish today. took trunk apart piece by piece ( snapped all 3 bottom tabs on that fucking third brake light .) got the middle kouki light panel off. Word. sanded down the trunk real nice. got my water hose from the back yard and rinsed my driveway. It was dirty, gross. washed out my over sized storage container my roommates used as a beer cooler without my permission and has since been in the backyard growing mold and other shit in it. took all small loose parts, body moldings, etc and threw it in said container after de-contaminating it. roommate experienced a telepathy breakthrough and brought me this delicious slurpee. That shit really hit the spot, I literally was going to say. " a yo dawg, you should bring me back a slurpee ." down to my last 3 strips of sand paper, will have to get about 2 more packets to finish up the car, then it's a waiting