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Exhaust Leak

I have a small exhaust leak, I have not tracked it down yet but I think I know where it is. I got down and looked at all of my exhaust gaskets and I don't see where the leak could be there. So I will have to pop my hood to make sure none of the bolts didn't back out or snap off on the downpipe to turbo connector. Still haven't had time to diagnose the wiring short with my temp gauge and my headlight wiring. They've obviously rubbed something and have a constant ground on them. I seriously need a new daily driver... =/


MSI Billet Aluminum Uprights for WRX STI's So this is as you can see from the title some hot shit for Subaru's WRX platform. I think this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen manufactured that is available for your average consumer. I bet they cost a lung, liver, and kidney.  This is the opposite side.   So basically this works like an ikea shelf, but instead of raising and lowering your family portraits, this allows you to FINELY tune the bumpsteer on your car. I've never raced a day in my life on a track other than the streets. But I've heard the term bumpsteer thrown around. So I guess this is really important. Awesome is all I can say.   So what else you see here is a carbon\kevlar back plate where you can hook up a vent hose for a brake cooling system and it forces the air inside of the brake disc near the hub area, so the only place the air can escape is through the brakes cooling ducts. Re

Monday, off to work.



I'm still watching, but man this shit is buckwild!!! so boss.

370 made of plastic

18x11+18 TE37 Super Lap

No honestly, everyone that knows me knows I don't like TE-37's but lighter weight and wider TE37's Where do I sign up for these badboys... A set of 4 will run slightly over 2k instead of the ridiculous ass 3500 that 18x9.5+15's would go for. One word, Awesome.


All this time I really thought it was turbulence from the roof wing... I took the weather stripping off of the window because it's randomly been coming off of my car and pissing me the fuck off. Now I know how it was coming off of the window. Well at least I know what I'm paying for on Friday.

Faking the Supakuriaheddoraito

 Supakuriaheddoraito is some kind of Japanese slang which translates to "super clear headlights". In a nutshell I want to buy these headlights for my car, but I cannot justify the cost for their use or functionality. They're purely a cosmetic item that does not work better than my stock option. The contestants are... Yashio Factory 49,800 yen = 534 us dollars. Vertex USA 550 dollars General (non brand but same manufacturer lights) 260 dollars. There is a heated debate when it comes to knock off parts, but when it comes to parts that are not directly engineered by the people who sell them and they're manufactured by the "jdm apc" and sold as an accessory through their shop. Something about that rubs me the wrong way. Now I personally would love a set of these headlights to put on my car just for car shows, I would never drive around with them on my car for two reasons. 1. they're ridiculously expensive. 2. the lighting they produce is h

Hanging @ Jordan Innovations

This guy is the guy to go to if you have electrical work that needs to be done to your cars. I'm over the how-to, do it yourself, something or other things in the car life. Happy customer, riding off into the sunset... Wish Motomavens would've gave Simone some love before I biffed the front end. LOL!

Water Temp Gauge on the fritz...

I seriously cannot wait to convert over to the haltech+Racepak Dash setup. This is my water temp gauge, this started to happen sometime last night after I got my car home. I notice a hiccup in power when I let my turbo timer run. I'm thinking of getting rid of it. But now the water temp gauge is on the fritz. Normally water temp is the first gauge to go nuts when your alternator is on it's way out. Doesn't matter as far as the alternator goes, there is no power differences or parasitic loss on the car when turning on my lights, fan on full blast, radio full blast and rolling the windows up and down. and flipping my electric fan on and off. I just don't want the car dying on me, idle seems normal. Car's just being dumb again. Jeff said the ground might be bad for the power leading to the gauge itself which I'll probably agree on since it's with the shitty radio wiring. It's obviously not the ground to the sensor itself because it's still readi

Another time, I wish I was rich....

It's only 45k. and of course, unregister-able. =( TESTING WATERS: 585HP S15 Spec R Details: Standalone: Tomei Reytec MAP Based Standalone Head: Headgames Built Head Port Polish, Multi Angle Valve Job, Combustion Chamber Clean Up, Port Matching, polished combustion chamber. Supertech Dual Springs and Ti Retainers Supertech Spring Seats Supertech Valves Supertech Valve Guides Manley Locks Tomei 270/270 Cams ARP Head Studs Block: CP Pistons (9.0:1) Eagle Rods ARP Rod and Main Studs Cosworth HG Line Bored, ACL Calico Coated bearings. Turbo: Precision Turbo HP6262 Turbo Peakboost Manifold Greddy Intercooler Tial MVS Wastegate Blitz SBC ID-III Spec R Boost Controller Custom 3" Downpipe Custom 3" Exhaust HKS Muffler Fuel: Injector Dynamics ID-1000cc Saturated High Impedence Injectors Greddy Fuel Rail Aeromotive FPR Intank Walbro Pump Inline Bosch 044 Aeromotive Inline Filter All Stainless Lines from tank. Misc: Nismo Motor and Tr

240sx Motorsports take 1st @ Redline Time Attack

Here is some crappy video lol. ***I AM SORRY FOR THE VIDEO QUALITY, the camera we were using took alot of abuse over the weekend. the lens actually started to seperate from the housing and was constantly trying to "auto-focus" which we did not know until later**** Super Modified � RWD Pos No Name Best Lap Sponsors Vehicle 1. 6 Jeff Ricca 01:09.945 1997 Nissan S14 240SX 2. 3 William Washburn 01:11.511 Tomei 1989 Nissan 240RS09 Maxi 3. 34 Ben Salasko 01:12.231 2000 Honda AP1 S2000 4. 74 Steve Tomasso 01:16.027 1998 Chevrolet Camaro

240RS09 Maxi Redline Time Attack

We ended up coming in 2nd behind Jeff from CIP. The car was absolutely the best it has ever been. We did one session with the BFGs and the car was all over the place. I put on some Grand Am Hoosiers, 275 rear, 245 front and the car had more traction than it has ever had, ever, by far, after only half a lap. Throughout the weekend I improved by 9 seconds and was fastest in RWD up until the time attack session. Jeff had A6s so I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to beat him. The first session he beat me by .100 sec. The second session he took another second off that. I only got a lap in before the front exhaust area caught on fire and melted some shit. The exhaust broke, probably from an earlier off road excursion, and hyper heated everything down there, melting everything, aluminum and all. It is fine though and is just superficial damage. I'll post some more tonight (including incar video) but here is a photo from flickr. This was the last practice before the

A/N Fittings Grocery List

I have a picture of my hose routing I am drawing up and plotting out proposed amounts of money that needs to be set aside for the ridiculous amount of A/N fittings I plan on purchasing. So what you see in my little mock-up drawing is my greddy catch tank on the lower right and the proposed fittings I plan on buying so I actually have a working blow/by system or air separator, etc, etc, whatever you want to call it. Now for those of you who are not aware, the Greddy catch cans have these red fittings they come with. If you ever want to use A/N fittings with them there are two ways to go about it. You can RE-TAP it to a larger NPT (National Pipe Thread) or you can buy adapter fittings. 3/8 BSP or BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread) to -10a/n adapters, there is a (to -8) adapter as well. The only place I found that has these is (P/N : 3230-6-10AN ) This is probably the most plug and play way to do it. But it will cost you about 23.46 to have them shipped t

240RS09 Maxi on the dyno 2010

Houston we have wood. 


Hot off the presses at Nori Yaro S15 Custom Wheels LHD Conversion I'm just going to leave that there for you to marinate on that.  Cause I'm still marinating. Click on the link above to head on to Nori Yaro for more pics and a little story.

Houston TX doppleganger spotted

 spotted @: wheel fitment whore thread on zilvia Minus a few ugly stickers and tacky red calipers. This is a pretty clean 240sx, however I'll shut the game down once the masa hood arrives and I get my vertex lights . Look at that sunroof, ewe... I hate sunroofs and antenna's I do however like his dual tip exhaust, something I always wanted on my car but they all sound like dogshit and add too much weight to the car. He could be just running blast pipes. Also the Chrome intercooler look isn't my bag, not my car but either way good job 713 Kouki I fucks wit it.

Crime Scene Investigation : The missing corner light.

So as you saw yesterday I busted up my Vertex Lang bumper all nice, my passenger side corner light flew right the fuck out of it's seat and it was lost somewhere on the road. I know it had to of fallen off somewhere close to work because everyone was like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So when I pulled into work today I had the security guard tell me my light fell off of my car, like I already didn't know. and then he was like, we put it away for you. HAHAHA Awesome, it even still has the connector for the turn signal. Poor light is looking rough. You cant see it in the picture but the plastic on it is all fucked up. Scratched, broken at every corner. =( A little 3m and polish and she'll be good as new. Looks like a new vertex lang bumper is going to be on my future grocery list. sigh.

To the construction workers of Los Angeles

Fuck you, why do you have to have a fucking manhole cover sticking up in the godamned street... when doing construction... fuck. I had 3 people walk up to my car with their hands over their mouths and I just was like let me get to work to see it, then I pull up to the gate and they're like OOOOOOOOOHHH FUUUUUUU!!!! And here I am shaking my head.... So I may shop for a daily driving bumper or something. This is utter bullshit.

Designing the right oiling system is expensive.

I see a lot of cool things in other peoples builds that I would like to incorporate into my own build. I daily drive my car but eventually want it to see track duty. I am thinking once I pick up a beater car I am going to have a mild rebuild done to the motor eventually. But I want to get everything else in line with the motor before I take that step. So I have a list of things I would like to eventually buy for my oiling system.   Setrab Oil STD Oil Cooler (1-STD915) $204 Dimensions are A = 16in || B=14 1/2 in || C=4 1/2 in || D= 2in Why this particular cooler? because it's a side entry unit that is long and short but the dimensions I think are perfect for mounting it up right behind the center grille between my headlights since I don't run a hood latch. For a visual reference this is what I mean by side entry.  Throw is about 18 bucks for 2 -8 an fittings and taxes and such and I'm looking close to 240-250 for just the cooler core... I think the sizing I picked

Let me give this a try

I always bitch and complain about how much my car sucks ass to drive on the street. But I have these 2000 dollar coil overs which I've never bothered to see what they were set at as far as the adjustment from soft to stiff was. So I did a full on click to the lowest level of the 8 adjustable options I have. Turns out my driver side was set 2 clicks stiffer than the passenger side. After turning them to full stiffness, and then clicking down 3 soft from full stiff. Wow, what a difference, it is a lot more pleasant to drive now on the streets. I don't think the rear settings need to be adjusted to be honest but I am going to find out where they're at on the adjust-ability levels because I'm sure they're mismatched as well. I will also probably raise the passenger side of the car so it's level with the drivers side.

Jordan Innovations and *THUMBS UP*

So thanks to Mike @ I picked up his spare maf sensor to do some trouble shooting on my s14... Turns out something on the harness itself was baked. Minor weird things like wires just breaking and separating inside of oem crimp connections to just corrosion on certain solder joints. Had I known that I should've used adhesive heat shrink on my solder work I would've been using it by the get go. These are things you learn when taking up electrical projects on you own. I am proud of myself that I converted my engine harness and got it running at least for a decent amount of time. But I buckled down and took my harness to a pro. Me and Jeff @ Savoy's in Alhambra, CA Cruising down Valley Blvd in the 626 like bosses (everyone was turning heads to check out our cars) Jeff Jordan @ Jordan Innovations helped go through my entire engine harness and we replaced any shoddy looking wiring with mil spec wiring. Replaced oem crimp joints with legit