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Lazy Monday

Went and got my ass kicked at crossfit this morning, came home to finally wash my car after a few weeks of rain and the car looking like shit. Jeez I need to wax this thing bad, the wax that was on here before looks like it's completely gone. So I'll most likely give it a carnuba rub down on Saturday.  Finally decided to assemble my A/N hoses today, have some -8's for my hybrid valve cover that I've had in storage for a while since I had the fittings welded on by Luis Gonzalez. It wasn't too hard to get the hose together, didn't realize that I didn't order another 90 degree -8 drainback. So if I have some cash to spare I'll probably do that, still can't use the valve cover. I'm missing the large PVC grommet on the intake side of the valve cover. It was damaged taking it out.  I can't wait to take out that redtop cover, lol the red on it is all fucked up because I had to spray it down with brake cleaner, it was sitting in a backyard f