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Photodump @ Jordan Innovations

in the shade cold chillin in beautiful Irwindale Tire to rear overfender clearance rear of the tire is cutting it SUUUUUUUUPER close. Toe is in spec and cars thrust angle is straight so I can't really dial any camber out. It will rub with a proper 265 on the back.  another edge I'll have to cut.  the executive decision to jam rivets into the side skirts were made after the realization zip ties were no longer an option here. I'll have to cut this off at a later time.  chips ahoy (the doors were not re-painted)  Not too sure why the doors are making contact here but gonna have to grind these down with the dremel and hit it with touch up paint.  Need to make debris guards for the front fenders, rocks get caught up here after it rains and makes a sound that would make a grown man cry when you open the door and hear those rocks munching at your paint!!!  The corner is on this hood haha! yes, look at that line up. Shits money, fuck removi

The Nisei Race

We'll you've seen the previous blog entries regarding nisei and if not you're more than free to just go through the older posts on here. After getting all of the parts over to my Jordan Innovations we packed things up for the night and then I made my way back over with tons of Savoy for everyone to get our days started. I ran around to autozone, lowes, then o'reily's, then to autozone, then to bolt king. My brother said the clear was a little shy on the canards which I felt HAD to be installed for the show, I just wanted the car to be complete you know. Against his advise (because I didn't ask for it) I bought a can of gloss clear, wiped these guys down after finding hardware to mount them at lowes and went to town. painting parts in 100+ degree weather is bad mmkay!!! The problem with not knowing shit about paint is you can't paint parts that have a surface temperature of 100 degree's being it was 103 degree's outside while I decided to

Instagram & pancake Jam

Well I'm on that, you can follow me by using my name om1kron Been photogriding it up! Let me share the raw with you guys.  G41, Magnetic Black from the 2009 370z Ran out of paint so gotta krylon the bottom of the hood (which nobody will see anyway)  Clear is a little shy on the canards says my bro. Some touch up spots here and there!  All of this safely made the trip from Fontana to Irwindale using Jeff's truck and a lot of blankets. The paint is a real dust magnet, I can feel the static energy from the fiberglass just picking the parts up. Nuts! 

that wet wet

a preview! 

Forever Alone

Drew out a replacement center cap for saturday. I don't believe my new one will get here in time.  It's better than taking out the other 3 caps or just having one missing. 

Fenders are away for paint

Cutting things pretty close to Nisei.... center cap may or may not make it in time for show, oh well fuck it. driving around real dirty right now!  made some of these Went to home depot, bought a galvanized sheet of aluminum, bent it, drilled some holes in it, added some bolts, washers, lock tite. Boom solid headlights, best part is I should still be able to run these once the fenders are back on the car and the headlights wont ween away at the fiberglass from vibration. So that's a plus. Can't wait to have my car back together.