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This was in the mail today!  When it comes to safety equipment would you want anything less than authentic? Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

Few things

Garage S hood showed up today, ran a little test fit. my pins wouldn't let the hood sit flush but fits like a glove otherwise. Need to order up some new aerocatch pins for this guy and install them. I think I'll also have a thin mesh grill put in the two larger vents by the radiator to semi obstruct the view of my engine compartment and access for critters to make a home in there.  Next up, this guy is for sale, it's a replica GP Sports roof wing. Because I eventually will be putting a rocket bunny trunk wing on my car the roof ring has to go, plus the double sided tape started to come loose and it got on my damned nerves.  fitment is spot on, no gaps or shitty stuff. Probably better than the original. (PROBABLY) currently painted magnetic black Trying my damndest not to spend money on shit I don't need to as I am pretty stern on putting down a payment for my Kranze LXZ's next month. June was one of those weird 3 paycheck months for me so I am just tryi

Enjoy the little things pt.2

HOW TO: Replace your damaged radio trim in a 1995-1997 240sx.  (obviously if you're not mentally retarded, removal is the opposite.)  So basically the story of an 16 year old cars life. Interior trim gets fucked up if not by you one of the previous owners. Some people would rather leave the cracked up interior pieces in there or if you were me. Mine originally looked like the new piece on the left below, but every mount that held it to the center console was broken.  Meaning they allowed someone with inhumane retard strength put screws back into it damaging the trim retainers. So first things first, head onto autozone with at least 1 original nissan screw. #10 3/4 is the most relevant sizing out of all of these. I just so happen to be missing TONS of these screws all around my dashboard or interior in general so I stocked up on them. The #8's are too thin for anything but the selection is less than robust at autozone.  About 8 dollars set back, this will make you.  On