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Cats and Aero : The test drive pt3

Dude I want to lower my car in the front more… But you will see in the video below, and in the following pictures, that all motivation to do that has been deaded. This is to get the car up enough just to use the emergency jack. The front sway is my first point of lifting just to raise it up enough to slide my jack under the aero (I really need a fucking low max jack man.) well 30 minutes later I get the jack under there, I get the first stand under the driver side since the jack only reaches front brace, then I move the jack to the passenger side of the car jack that side up so it’s sitting equal, then I get to the back of the car and same shit, gotta lift it enough to get the jack under it to the diff then lift, lift, finally up. I was waiting for the ups man to show up with my cat so I took the opportunity to do a bunch of other shit while waiting for that. One is the bar that runs under the middle tail light, the vertex rear bumper doesn’t line up with any of the 6 holes on i

Q: Whats worse than a gallon of bondo?

A: Two gallons of bondo on my roof. I've always got a lot of people who ask me dumb shit like. "Why don't you just cut that metal out and put the sunroof back in?" BECAUSE I DON'T WANT A FUCKING SUNROOF, SON.... DAMN... But I damn sure don't want what I have now. When I bought the car the roof looked a little wavy, I thought nothing of it. Then I got in the car to test drive it. Yes, I was scared for my life, there is a sharp piece of metal right over my head, if this car was in an accident and I ever flew up out of my seat, BAM. I would end up with a nasty gash, gangrene, aids, cracked skull, amongst other things. After I washed the car for the first time, I guess some water got down in this little bugger right here. And then it sat out in the sun at the metro station while I was at work. And I came back to this. It's since become quite the eyesore. So I tried to cut the bondo down on this car and my caveman efforts were mad fail. I purchased abo

The Tale of Blacksmoke the Rich Runner

This video is 14 Minutes Long. I tried to make it as short as humanly possible, but realistically I would love to challenge anyone who doesn’t already have their car in pieces to do these same testing procedures on your own car. Under a few hours, anyway I hope this is helpful to you guys. And again I apologize about the length, but it never gets boring. I’ve sat and watched it plenty of times to tell you the pacing will make 14 minutes blow right by.

Throwing Codes

The purpose of this entry which also doubles as a semi update on my build thread is to help you determine why your sr20det doesn’t run right. The most logical thing you can do is run an ecu diagnostic with consult if you have that available to you. But the good old fashion non fancy way is Morse code. You can accomplish this task of pulling a code from your ecu by setting it into diagnostic mode by turning the adjustment screw on the back completely clockwise until it stops, then counter clockwise to the other stop ( do not force it past where it stops, you don’t need tree chopping strength for this .) Here is a video demonstrating my results. Pretty simple right, so lets review what happens. Once you’re in diagnostic mode the ECU light/CEL Light ( depending on your model ) will flash a series of blips, to best describe this I will just quote the ECU Fault Codes info from, normally I would link you there. But in my travels for knowledge concerning these cars, i

Lil Progress

Ok, so I fixed the power windows. This is not a fun position to be in for more than 30 seconds. Simone Video Blog - Ghetto Power Windows from wayne edwards on Vimeo . see! and I installed my driver side ganador, UPS man rolled up with the coil pack I ordered yesterday from, love those guys. I installed it and the car idled kinda funny for a few moments, like not bad and not where I want it to (800rpm) then after a few minutes I could audibly hear the idle change somewhat and then the black death smoke started coming lol. reved the motor up and same thing, breaks up. So I'll wait until the cat gets here, before I decide someone else should be looking at this car. I've also come to terms I'll need the rear bumper mounting brackets for me to mount the vertex rear, I don't see anyway possible around it. The Vertex Lang Aero and I'm assuming all of their kits require you use a lot of the OEM mounting points for the sheer fact that they hold the

Power Wind-roh oh!

So after getting everything said and done on the car it turns out that something is fucked up with my power windows. An important note, before troubleshooting any electrical, please identify what year model your car is by the sticker in the door, and not what is on your registration. The 1995, and 1997 240sx S14 wiring is completely different for the power windows and located in entirely different sections of the FSM. The 1995 has it's own section for windows, locks, accessories in HF. The 1997 has the info in the EL section of the book and does not include the troubleshooting steps to test your system that the 1995 does. So it's vital that you know this if you attempt to fix this matter. I've already discovered the problem. But I will run you through it to see what I did to test and come to this conclusion. So here I am again. Notice the extreme excitement on my face. So now, this crap is all in pieces. The power window relay wire has 4 wires going to it. (rela