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4-23-09 update-up late

Video Blog Update 4-23-2009 from wayne edwards on Vimeo . anyway I did manage to snap off some pictures while dismantling my turbo manifold today. look what I got for ya'll This is basically the space on the back of the engine I get to work with my big hands and everything else in the way like brake lines, heater hose lines, everything I have to disconnect basically to service this single line. I'm going to just get an s14 water neck and a water line that can run to it, fuck this shit. Here you can see the water leaking pretty bad from the middle of the line right here. it feels like the hose inside has a huge split down both sides horizontally . I removed the temp sender unit module to relieve pressure to pinpoint the leak. It's a lot worse than I thought! real bad, I wish the videos weren't being Richard Simmons otherwise you'd be able to see how bad it was leaking.

Alright I think some clarity is needed.

Alright so in the video above I have my hands on some wires. I express my dis-interest in working on my car in the wee hours of the morning, this is why. In the previous blog entry I stated that. There was a yellow wire that did not need to be tapped for a temp signal because there is already a wire running to the climate control plug that is solid yellow and it reads temperature. I even tested it. What I failed to put together because I was not running on caffeine and instead adrenaline was that I tapped the yellow wire for the intake motor door which is sitting right next to the solid yellow wire I was testing with my multimeter. So a great tip would be to put some painters tape on the wire you're testing so you don't get caught up in the thought of doing something great, only to undo your work to fix two mistakes. So finally I can put an end to the digital climate control wiring, my future nightmare will be putting a radio back in the car. There was 3 different set'

How To : Non Jig Rigging, your OEM wiring

Just going to hit you cats with a quick video here, and another one after the jump as Henry would say.


So I plugged up the DCC last night, few wires loose and nothing, no lights, me = sad Wayne, it was about 6am, I for some reason couldn't sleep after my junkyard come up, something said. "Wayne, put your dashboard in." and I was like, ok dude. (but I figured out why it didn't work, I didn't have the ignition power wire plugged in haha.) Multimeter>doing it the hard way. I was a little bummed because I didn't have the mounting shield or the pig tail for the fan control amp, my buddy Phi (nrg) decided he was going to the junkyard and picked me up, I scrounged up 2 bones and brought my fan resistor amp with me to test fit it in other nissan altima's I might of found. Luckily I found one, and reached my hand up behind the glovebox and felt what seemed to be a pot of gold. Being I only had two dollars to my name, I guess I did what everyone else that goes to the junkyard does. Pocket little shit. So I put the screws and crap in my shirt and put the moun

I'm finishing up the DCC wiring before I go to sleep.

pretty much, i'm boycotting sleep until I finish the dcc wiring, then during the week we're knocking out headlight wiring and wiring for the electric fan relay ground trigger. yes that didn't make sense. but fuck it, stay tuned if you're still reading.

A few updates

In short, we've worked out way to a car that starts every time now. The battery light on the cluster is just due to improper wiring, but tests show that the alternator is indeed charging our battery. So I am happy with those results, I have yet to wire up the headlights and the digital climate control. Seems I did not receive the plug for the air flow speed sensor, and there is not a plug on my car that looks even similar to it. On top of the fact I do not have the shield to mount it. The wiring work for that stopped there. I can honestly say it was nice having Jeff over, like I have preached in the past, I am no electronics expert and converting your own engine harness is a pretty big deal, so to discover that my two faults were constant power mishaps to the ecu hence why the car was either hit or miss with starting was pretty pleasant. Well that and the short in the tps wiring. Sorry for such a long video. It's about 11 minutes. Simone Video Blog 04-11-09 from wayne


Well today I am going to tear the harness apart. Yes, say it isn't so... All of that money I spent on sleeving. Down the drain. The bright side however is, I can re-do every mistake or part of that harness I did not like now. So I'm a bit happy with that, granted it's still at this point going to be a waste of money. I've been riddled with problems. ranging from. 1. alternator not charging battery. 2. battery dying because the car runs off of it when on. 3. fuel pump primes now at the start position instead of on. 4. now fuel pump doesn't prime because of battery. 5. now the fuel pump primes after trying to start the car, and when starting it fails. So it's cranking and not catching again, same problem we had the other day. 6. no temp sensor wire going to gauge cluster. notice 3 pins? here is the male connector... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. No wonder why Luke thought the thermostat needed to be replaced, the other one was modified to stay &quo

The last entry was pretty depressing

It's time for some good news. Right? Video Blog 4-3-2009 from wayne edwards on Vimeo . In the previous entry I had mentioned in the video that I had blown the ECU and the car pretty much wont start now. Well I re-did the wiring for the car last night. In the video I highlighted the path on the ecu that fried. you can see by the circular diode the circuit snapped or burned up. No longer connecting the power path for this circuit. So I took the ECU apart and tried to salvage it. I made sure this wire is not touching anything surrounding it. It's very important if you attempt this that you triple check your work. You don't have to put electric tape on it when finished because the cover on this side of the ecu has a hump. So the wire wont be penetrated by any of the other leads from the pressure of putting the cover back on. (just to clear your paranoia.) Tests out OKAY. finished product... Spent the last 7 hours making this mess. I have now completed the i

Son of a bitch!!!@$#@^$%#^@

Video Blog 4-1-2009 from wayne edwards on Vimeo .


(This entry is for 3-31-2009) I haven't had much time to update my blog between the gym, and being in the garage all day. So I apologize for that one. Seriously... F M L, if you don't understand what that means by now. Get with the internet, it's moving pretty fast these days and you obviously need to catch up with it. Got a lot done today, because I didn't have shit else to do, as always. I went to put the heater box in this morning, forgot to unplug the negative battery terminal, as soon as I tried to force the heater box into play... pspssszzzzt... I'm like "did that just happen?" so I purposely grab the wire and touch it against the dash bar to check and sure enough "POP" and I blew that particular fuse. HAR HAR! (this happened way before i took these pics.) poor fuse =( my bad... a big fuck you to the heater box. Most electrical probl;;;... I think when I started writing this entry 2 days ago I fell asleep at the keyboard