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Saturday Scoots, Royal Origin / Kuruma / 90's forever / OC Product Photos. And secret Chino Hills Meet

I am by far not the blogger you remember, I am not a photographer so I am posting unedited shots only. Just simply an old dude hanging out with other old dudes seeing what the youth is up to and how much I can tolerate driving a sports car without air conditioning on an 84 degree day down to Orange County, CA I made it down to OC Product Photos which is right around the corner from my Therapist's Office, such a nostalgic drive lol. Thankfully I'm in a much better place mentally than I was in 2019 so I haven't visited her in quite some time. But anyway enough of that, let's get into the car photos. I guess I'm going to post what I took pictures of and if I have something to say I'll say it.  This is Marlon's car from City Garage Customs. I have not personally met or spoke to him, this is the second time I've seen the car in person. A lot of my mutuals know him, seems like a cool dude. I absolutely love this car. Deep 90's / 00's Wheels that aren&#

I need to stop buying stuff v. 2022

  I've started so many mini projects on my s14 it's hard to keep count. I figured they would all make for great blog posts, youtube videos, etc. I just recently had my adobe creative cloud license revoked for the time being so I can't really edit any video footage. Not that I had anything crazy in store, along with parts for projects I've bought tools, storage for those tools, and materials to use those tools on. It all started with me buying a double din headunit...  The headunit was fairly cheap,  I also ended up getting a stealth am/fm antenna for the car which I shoved up by the roofskin in between the headliner. Works awesome, I don't even remember having am/fm radio in the car previously. It also came with a little backup camera (which is kind of ugly, I may get a different one) and I thought that would be cool to hook it up. Not that I need it, but putting a front and rear camera on the car to see how close I am to curbing my front lip or exhaust would be rad