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Finally checked some items off

Hey ya'll been a hot minute, aside from pictures I've posted on IG I've thrown a few youtube videos together if you didn't get a chance to take a look or just don't care. Either or haha!  While some create content for some kind of fame or clout I can honestly say. Blogging/vlogging things I've done to my car are like a maintenance checklist, there may be something I'll have to take a look at years after I ddi it and I may have forgotten everything under the sun concerning what I originally did or what not. I cannot tell you how many times just blogging/vlogging this shit has SAVED MY ASS.  Anyway! I'll post the last two videos I dropped here and move on with this post.  For today, we changed the master cylinder, last time I got all of the brakes on the car I was going to try and knock this out and noticed none of my lines would even fit or orient properly into the z32 master, so I just ordered some replacement lines from GKTech.  I get pretty paranoid ab

November 240 Tuesdays

Made it out to 240 tuesdays today, took my camera with me to attempt to shoot in the dark. I think I have done a pretty decent job this time around although moving one of the dials I'm assuming this is how long the shutter is open or closed so I had it set more towards "tripod" speeds rather than action so some photos where I wasn't 100 percent perfectly still came out blurry. Stuff like this is the motivation I have needed to start working on my car again.  The last post I made I was griping about stuff not being here and my weekends being taken up being a father, so it's hard to make time for the car. It's not a priority by any means. But I do miss just being able to go for a drive every now and then.  I have an updated work video of where we're at with the car, so hopefully I'll edit that this week sometime and post it to my youtube. I don't want to gripe any further regarding the last video I posted because I finally got my shit back from the p