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Almost there!

Just gonna do a random photodump and just chat about some things. Embedding some you tube shorts as well. I previously mentioned how I was going to upgrade to hid's and led corner lights and turn signals. But I also wanted to black everything out, light output at night shouldn't be affected. May be a bit harder to see things during the day but I'm not too worried about it. The oem stuff was already pretty hard to see during the day anyway as shown in the example below.  So here is the final result of the headlight and corner light tint, I still have my old oem signal markers in. I was waiting to pick up my led ones from paint as there just was no way I was going to be able to wrap them. Going to try and retain the ability to plug in oem stuff rather than discarding the wiring for strictly led items in case I need to replace anything with off the shelf parts.  This is the oem connector for the corner lights, I have my chassis harness sleeved and loomed in the engine bay and

RX330 Projectors, Dancing Led Signals, and Blackout Tint

This is going to be a three part blog of some sort. I had been traveling to the 240 tuesday meets which are about 60 miles away from me and I head home to a lot of freeway and road construction so I can't see a damn thing. Normally I've never had any issues with my halogen projectors on the kouki headlights. But I've always been curious about doing an HID swap.  After seeing Hugo's s14 with dancing leds on his Zenki I was curious about getting some done for my car. I've always wanted some kind of led lights, but lights were just never in my budget even though Mike Mamos is an acquaintance. I don't ask for discounts at friends businesses, I spend money elsewhere like a true piece of shit. HAHA Hugo's S14 I really like the look of the blacked out headlights mainly because the led corners and turn signals are built in a manner where there is like a piece of tape that's put over the area where the oem light would sit and holes are poked in i

Finally checked some items off

Hey ya'll been a hot minute, aside from pictures I've posted on IG I've thrown a few youtube videos together if you didn't get a chance to take a look or just don't care. Either or haha!  While some create content for some kind of fame or clout I can honestly say. Blogging/vlogging things I've done to my car are like a maintenance checklist, there may be something I'll have to take a look at years after I ddi it and I may have forgotten everything under the sun concerning what I originally did or what not. I cannot tell you how many times just blogging/vlogging this shit has SAVED MY ASS.  Anyway! I'll post the last two videos I dropped here and move on with this post.  For today, we changed the master cylinder, last time I got all of the brakes on the car I was going to try and knock this out and noticed none of my lines would even fit or orient properly into the z32 master, so I just ordered some replacement lines from GKTech.  I get pretty paranoid ab

November 240 Tuesdays

Made it out to 240 tuesdays today, took my camera with me to attempt to shoot in the dark. I think I have done a pretty decent job this time around although moving one of the dials I'm assuming this is how long the shutter is open or closed so I had it set more towards "tripod" speeds rather than action so some photos where I wasn't 100 percent perfectly still came out blurry. Stuff like this is the motivation I have needed to start working on my car again.  The last post I made I was griping about stuff not being here and my weekends being taken up being a father, so it's hard to make time for the car. It's not a priority by any means. But I do miss just being able to go for a drive every now and then.  I have an updated work video of where we're at with the car, so hopefully I'll edit that this week sometime and post it to my youtube. I don't want to gripe any further regarding the last video I posted because I finally got my shit back from the p