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S14 Digital Climate Control 2022 Redux

Introduction  Hello,  So you wanna install one of these. I'll try to be the voice of reason in 2022 and tell you it's probably not even worth it. 10-15 years ago, heck yeah go for it.  But if you're insistent like myself, I'll give you all of the tools needed to get the job done.  It's been a while since I've installed this. 12 years in fact. I've contemplated making youtube videos but to be honest I am ungodly lazy. This blog post at this point is more of a diary for me as well as a how-to because if I ever have to troubleshoot this crap again I know that I've unnecessarily over-documented this install for the final time.  I will say that, I originally followed the write up here:  chuonthis s14 dcc write-up  I don't want to plagiarize and flat out copy the write up, but I'm going to stage the information very similarly.  I have it available in PDF format and have uploaded it here in case their website ever goes down. I recommend saving that.  O