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Preparing for Nisei 2012

I will be showing my car at the I mport Showoff Nisei 2012 show , while I don't plan on getting any awards or a sweet magazine shoot offer (because my engine bay looks like a bag of dicks and I don't have fake racing seats and red fake bride fabric stitched everywhere). I do plan on seeing a bunch of friends and getting sunburnt. Repainting all of the aero, and my garage S hood I think it's a little excessive, maybe I'll do zipties in the back, or something because taking off my wheels just to remove 4 screws to take my my bumper and side skirts was SUUUUUUUUUPER annoying. how long before I get a cop to fuck with me for this plate setup, no lights. Donked the fuck out. LOL! the wheels look like 20's now.  Car height hasn't changed at all, but that's basically how low the vertex lang kit would sit, without it on I have so much ground clearance it's retarded. I feel like i'm driving a sporty suv now. I have a few odd's and ends I n

Where did your build thread on Zilvia go?

I've spent the last 4 years working on my car, and everything pretty much has been archived here. I go through this every now and then and re-write certain posts, get rid of unnecessary content. I mean before I would take a picture of anything, turn a few bolts and be excited to share my day with other people. I am also working on ditching my premium member subscription to photobucket. I don't like a lot of the changes they've done to their site so I don't want to be a paying member anymore. Since my build thread is FUELED by photobucket on lots of websites it becomes a necessity for me to continue to give photobucket 50-60 dollars a year for shit hosting, shit compression, etc. I can take all of those images, upload them here, quality is not compromised, space is unlimited, and with the hits the blog gets monthly, daily, yearly I don't need to post this car all over the internet anymore. People come here to read what I do to it. Plus I am sick of all of the f