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So I had this crazy idea...

I have wanted since like 2003 to do some volk ce28n's in candy apple red, I am pretty sure that Tanaguchi-San had some ( they were anodized btw ) on one of his drift cars, unfortunately since sucks hot donkey balls and nobody has any good pictures of the Tokyo Auto Salon from like 4-5 years back... I really don't have a reference picture to go by. So I have these Volk Racing GT-U's which I needed to have a lip repaired on one of them, while also getting rid of the gold centers since I'm not down with that. I've also wanted to get some center caps but couldn't justify the cost. But since I'm going full ball on the wheels.... Let me show you what I had in mind. This is how my wheel looks every day! What I want to do is take the whole wheel and have it re-finished Candy Apple Red, and get a black pin stripe to replace the red on the previous wheels. Like this! Quite frankly I don't care if anyone likes it, thinks it will be gross

Now to yank my SR20 from Chloe (1989 240sx)

I would like to start off by saying. solid engine mounts are cool, until you have to yank an engine off of them. Then they become, uncool. Especially when all of the hardware holding them on are stripped. Secondly, why is my transmission missing bolts to the bellhousing?   Third driving your car around on the alternator only is fun... Until you blow your MAF sensor doing so. I would also like to say pulling an engine out of a drift duty car sucks fucking ass. I cannot tell you how many times I had mud and dirt fly into my face, eyes, and mouth today because this car has done some dirt drops during it's time. Hrmn... Well I am sure I am going to add some more later, there were a few questionable wires I was not sure belonged with this motor or the headlight harness of the other car so they were snipped. Lots of the wires were exposed and covered with electrical tape... Going to be fun figuring out what they were. Removed so far here we have our inter-cooler, a bucket of b

Out with the KA24DE!!!

Pretty self explanatory Saturday. Since not everyone is an avid car nut, basically will be disconnecting the engine harness and all of the hoses holding the engine in, then yanking that bitch out! This is an engine crane, it yanks engines because my brother and I do not have the strength of 10 Kenyan men. Here she is just getting the engine harness disconnected. I let my brother remove the engine harness, now I have no idea what the bolts on the floor went to. You kinda need a jack to support the transmission as you remove the engine from the engine mounts. Once it's loose you can drop the jack and start yanking, you also may need this to help clear your front sub-frame/cross-member/etc. LOL SO DRAMATIC YOU ARE ENGINE, WHY THE SAD FACE. Naked... Like the juice. Next up... engine removal from my 1989 240sx Hatchback (S13).

Getting the car ready for a painless engine removal.

Today I am going to start removing stupid stuff in the engine bay to save myself some time during engine pull day. I didn't feel like working in the heat, and waited until 11pm to start working on my car. I started off by removing the fan shroud, and I tried to drain the radiator traditionally and that little plastic drain thing stripped on me... So I decided just to take off the bottom radiator hose and drain it into my bucket. And it started to come out green, and then it magically changed colors like that old kool-aid. It was pretty weird because at first it was just a little bit, and then bam oil started coming out of the radiator. My first experience with a bad headgasket.  All empty. OBLIGATORY SLURPEE PORN!!! Well I have determined, that really there is no point in progressing any further with taking anything in the engine out, I have little to no light right now and I didn't snag my brothers engine lift, I don't have any spare clamps to wrap on the fu

Modifying a Zenki Bumper Support for a Kouki Conversion.

You will need a cutting disc of some sort to perform this slight modification. Otherwise it's not going to work using a Zenki bash bar for a Kouki front end conversion. On the left is the modified hole, and on the right is the unmodified mounting hole. cutting up the other side Finished product.and mounted pictures below. yay! Other pictures of me test fitting the vertex lang aero. Some other fun bits from the day, wanted to see if my 18x10 +13 Volk Racing GT-U wheels would fit up front since I am contemplating getting the 11 inch low disk wheels for the rear instead of bothering with spacers to fill the fender pull. Success... and then... FAIL !!! I would have to cut the sideskirt for the wheels to turn outward, or at least it seems that way with the car in the air. I wonder if it would've cleared when the car was put on the ground? ( Authors Note : The Volk GT-U's were soon discontinued shortly after I finished my build .) Oh, I n