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That shit Kranze

Hit up my favorite place in the world for tires, City Tire Service aka City Tire Online . I for some reason thought a 235/35/18 S.Drive existed but I guess only 235/40/18 and for some reason I didn't want a 40 series on an 18. I moved up to an 18 inch wheel in the front to ditch 40 series tire, although a 225/40/18 would've made more sense than the 35. But honestly the car handles pretty good with the skinny tire, I have not and don't plan on lowering the front of the car anymore.  My front bumper still hits things going up and down driveways and I'm sure it's due to the lo pro tires. That pretty much solidified my decision on the front height.  Getting Rambunctious! That's a whole lotta exposed lip, may go 245's on the next set.  So exciting, a tire, a center cap, and kics r40's  I thought this would be fine to drive home on, stupid idea. 20 miles later I killed about 6-7 months worth of sidewall I must've lifted the

It's so hard to say goodbye.

With the evolution of our cars comes the part where you need to say goodbye to key components that made your car what it is over the years. Since I've purchased my new LXZ's and have had them since last year it's almost summer time and they still remain in boxes behind my television. I had come to the realization as much as I wanted to keep the volk racing gt-u's due to sentimental value they deserve to live a life of being used. In whichever way that is fit, they're the perfect setup for an s13 due to the 17/18 stagger. I've tried countless times to find a set of similar sized 18's for the front and another set of 17's to sell a pair of those off to some honda kid or 240 kid who's content with 17's. That never happened and due to the fact I live in an apartment and do not have a sweet man cave car fortress (garage) the GT-U's had to go. A lucky young man named Conan had been in discussion with me to purchase the wheels, and normally b

Last week @ Jordan Innovations

It's been a while since I hung out with my buddy Jeff and Jack and Jeff's Mom ( J.B. WAS BUSY KAYACKING OR SOME SHIT TO HANG WITH US.... ) So I swung by the shop to purchase some items and to see what was causing my buddy Jeff to be absurdly busy as shit all of the time! I had also been busy, losing 32lbs of fat during a diet challenge at my gym so not much time to fuck with car stuff, I had been focused on diet and training with hopes I had won the contest. I won a prize but not the one I wanted but that's another story. Needless to say I went from BOW to WOW Imagine this 32lbs heavier!  This car was resting on the lift, I was actually impressed by the quality that went into the build although the car was in pieces the engine bay was clean as shit. Seriously as much as I hate to say it LS1 swaps belong in s-chassis cars. Interesting accusump/bash bar setup, wonder how much air it will rob the radiator of. I didn't see the alternator in it's normal