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What a bad ass picture

someday....  you'll see the road you were meant to drive on little girl... until then it's street duty for you. In other news, I will be taking my engine harness to jordan innovations for a refresh, seems I am having electrical breaks all over the engine harness now. But then again I expect nothing less from a 12+ year old harness.

Car is still dead... I give up

Time to look it over today... Pulled the plugs Replace the plugs... car starts, idles fine. give it gas... dies then dead. pulled codes from the ecu. 12 - MAFS. 34 - Knock Sensor. 43 - Throttle Position Sensor. It always throws the knock sensor code when it has other errors so I don't even pay attention to that because the car isn't even running right. I just picked up a new maf from Mike over at last night swapped it with mine, no difference. The tps sensor is a hardly used unit I just picked up off of someone as well. I seriously doubt that it went bad already. Is my wiring to blame again, I don't know because I don't have a multimeter to call bullshit. So I will just wait until Jeff is free to bother him with this piece of shit car again.

Car died in the street today PART 2

Well I drove my car home from work, all fine and dandy pandy, parked in the street because some workers were blocking my spot. Later on I go to move my car, it conked out and died after I started it, tried to start it again... conked out and died again. This happened like a looooooooooooooooooooong time ago when I first got the car back together and it eventually just went away. Apparently I'm not getting lucky this time and it's not just going away, I can't give the car no power, no fire, no juice. step on the gas and bam she dies or runs super rich to let me limp with the clutch halfway up to move at 2mph. I don't understand cars sometimes man. Because I moved and didn't want to keep any tools here I am now paying for it because all I can do is sit here helpless with anxiety wondering if I am going to fix this thing before Saturday when I have to drive it to work, and when I go and do that will it fucking strand me somewhere far away from home where I cant

Car Died in the street today

How embarrassing, I'm so glad it wasn't what I thought it was. I was just coming to a stop and normally i've been giving the motor a little rev due to paranoia lately but this time I didn't... And it just went to 1000 rpms 900 rpms 800 rpms 700 rpms 600 rpms Well you know the rest of that story... the temp sensor went from 80c to 200c out of nowhere and all I could think of was I just blew my motor. But no smoke, no smell, no nada, and no power??? wtf. Maybe a fuse blew, I noticed when I was leaving the car wash today when I flipped my electric fan on, my radio reset itself or rebooted. So that was the first sign I was going to deal with some bullshit today. I'm on Beverly Blvd heading to work and next thing I know I'm ready to push my car in the middle of an intersection, but first let me check to see if the terminals came loose on my battery and caused it to arc or something. Sure enough the negative battery cable came loose out of those shitty Auto

RIP Economy Battery, you served well.

After a close call determining the battery was dead back when I was KA24DE, it turned out to be the alternator. (So the Energizer battery you see was returned with the quickness *snap snap*) Giving me at least another year of life and helping me get my car back on the road knowing you were a crappy battery to begin with. I kept the faith in you (and the battery charger handy.) But no more my little friend, you've gone far and beyond your call of duty. And really 300cca's is not going to cut it anymore for this car. After taking Simone to the 626 meet last Friday and having to get a PUSH START to get me home (how embarrassing.) it's time I moved on little guy. After trying to get one last good run out of you, the doctors at Vatozone have determined you were no longer able to hold a charge. So I did what I originally wanted to do, and just bit the bullet. It's so nice to have 900 cold cranking amps available to Simone now...


Man, I wish I had 2000 dollars laying around. Last I heard you cant buy these anymore!!! Yokohama AVS Model T6 5X114.3 18X9 +22 18X10 +25 These are the first Advan AVS model wheels i've ever seen besides the Kruzer V's that I've personally wanted to own. But in reality, I live in an apt, where the fuck would I keep spare wheels?

More Maintenence.

So I sold my stance oil block to Mike @ today, swung by his shop to drop it off and hang out for a bit. Mike is a really cool dude who is very passionate about what he does. We swung by his house to check out his 180sx restoration project which is looking pretty awesome if I may say so. We also went to a hot dog stand up the street and he bought me lunch, that was rad. I also met his smog guy which has this insane 600 hp integra, with azenis tires haha. Brave man.... Anyway Mike asked to check under the hood and I pop it and I have motor oil all over the bottom of my cowl, wtf. I see oil pooled around the number 3 injector, but I don't think it's coming from there, the valve cover has all new seals. So I peak around a bit more, and the oil drain back line to the block is broken which means everytime I have been boosting, I've been spraying oil all over my fucking engine's hot side. Gay. Time to buy a new hose.