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Cars and Donuts

posted up in front of the local donut spot. I am not a photographer, so I don't know how to use my camera's best settings or photoshop. Cars and donuts are a must, if it's a hot ass day or even a cold ass day where you're posted, go stop at the local donut stop and support a family owned business. Not those chains run by people who are just there to fill shelves, but mom and pa joints, them cash only places you hang with your boys! Extend your car family, and help work on our doomed health. Or you can just have a black coffee, any bit helps! - Wayne

Take care of your SR20's and they will last a long time.

Shit, just take care of your car in general . Don't be like myself, after buying a daily. I really only fire up my 240 to drive to work because I can, it's weird not having Simone be my daily, her initial purchase back in 2008 was for that purpose. And I think through the years I've had her, she's performed those duties well. With smog this and smog that popping up, random ref tickets being handed out. And I've gotten my fair share along with being pulled over for modified exhaust, etc, etc. It's nice not to have to drive and look over your shoulder. I can just leave the car be, and know I can hop in it, turn it on and cruise whenever I want. Granted I'm motivated enough to wash it. That's the downside of having a black car I suppose, and parking it in a port and not a garage. I don't really worry about it going anywhere where I live, some guy has a pimped out 370z he leaves out in the street where I live. Some other kid has a few decked ou

So your kouki tail lamps are faded? You want to fix them. Well that's good!

THATS REAL GOOD OEM s14 tail lamps in all their glory. This as dark as they come. They're painted on the inside.  Many of you out there know the struggle, zenki owners who want to upgrade to kouki tails, kouki owners who went from black to whack. That the kouki tail lamps fade over time, they're such a timeless and simple upgrade.  In my personal opinion they're the 1999 civic type R headlight of the 1996-1998 Nissan 240sx. I could go into a whole segway about the differences in references for newer and older parts we use over here and how things are described. But in short Zenki refers to a first gen design of a car model and Kouki refers to a later model so you have an idea why I am calling them Kouki tail lights rather than 1997-1998 tail lamps. There is nothing JDM about these, they're not an exclusive part, anyone who refers to them as jdm is a fucking idiot. MS PAINT KING!!!  Anyway, I mentioned in my previous entry that I was going to get these

Wekfest LA : It's On

Hello everyone, Welcome back to another entry of Simone, the basic 240sx owned by Wayne T. Edwards, in this entry we'll talk wekfest. By chance I am going to parlay with my friends from the Phaze 2 camp, so I'm happy for the opportunity as I have yet to do a WekFest show in Southern California, the only one I've ever registered for was in Nor Cal back when Adam Luong was associated with the camp. So it was more in support of him, I don't really keep up with everyones personal lives but I know he's not a part of it anymore so there was no motive for me to really attend. However; a lot of my friends that I've known over the years seem to really like this venue and are big supporters of each other. I believe Joey Lee is also a guest judge or something not that it even matters. I'm just talking out of my ass, whats important is I can hang out with my friends, and bring what I feel is a quality 240sx to the show. Aside from the company car, that has comp