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My wheels are finally mine, shit came up and these were supposed to be paid off in September, my buddy Jack fronted for a pair, big gamble on his part but I'm good for it. I've felt extremely horrible about it because it came out of nowhere, State of California taxed me on some shit, my 1100 dollar ref ticket, clutch going out and the surprise 500 dollars I had to spend to resolve that.  This will probably be the last huge purchase like this I make for my car. I am all about instant gratification, I like things that I can compulsively buy and still have money to live. Not stress about what bill I'm going to pay late to make everyone happy. Or what weekend can I scheme some overtime to make ends meet.  2011 has been an interesting yet for me so far, Simone has been for the most part running good as a daily driver and I'm most thankful for that. Next on the shopping list with jordan innovations is my SPL goodies solid subframe bushins, RUCA, TOE, and TRACTION rod