So a plan has been set...

After a few months of making friendly and getting negative rep for stupid questions like this

I got some good research in and now I will just go from there, I know a little not a lot but I want to know this car inside out!

Oh I washed it and got rid of the monster truck height, although I am going to lower it some more.

I thought I was all dope and decided to do a photoshoot of my car and what not, so far after 3 weeks of owning the car it's safe to say my experience with the car has been interesting to say the least lol. I constantly get reved on by Pontiac GTO's... ONLY GTO's rev their engines at me, lol. WTF is that all about right?

Yeah that, here are some more pictures and discrepancies lol.

this window has weld spatter from when the sun roof opening on the car was pluged with some metal, any time you weld you want to protect the surfaces of items around the area of your spatter as weld is hot. So hot it melts holes in glas.

The roof on the car is looking real suspect now, how much bondo did they actually use man? And why does the roof look funny after washing my car now, like it wasn't cracked like this when I bought the car... This is how it starts, the cover up's that will last until the car is used.


This radio, flat out sucks ass. I don't even know how to explain the magnitude of it's suckage, but it's a pretty large magnitude.

Oh, the car had this when I bought it, didn't notice any performance dips from the car with it on, figured a sensor was loose, so I looked up how to check codes, looks like the knock sensor is picking something up.

como si dices "bootleg bride in faded alacantra fabric?"

oh yeah I'll need new ones.

oh yeah... curbed my wheel, I will eventually get that fixed. Anyway onto my inspiration and aspirations for this car as it originally was just supposed to be my daily driver but plans seemed to have drastically change.

my time-lining is going to be all out of whack if I start going off of the dome, so I'm just going to copy my build thread.

The style for my car is heavily inspired by Nobuteru Taniguchi's Vertex Equipped s13/14/15


The look of the car I wanted was very similar to his minus the front canards , and splitters. I also wanted to bring some of my Honda flavor to the modifications of my car. A wire tuck in the engine bay and to start hiding things in there as well, re-doing the brake lines and what not... Those are pretty far off modifications at the moment I am not really pursuing.

But lets start small and then think big right?

So yes Vertex Lang kit, this is what it looks like on the homie Ted's (Avante) car

Yeah that, I want that on my car, that shit is sooooo clean! This local dude on the zilvia forums named Joe was selling an unused, unmounted brand new Vertex Lang kit for 1000 cash. We set up a date and I picked it up.

Here it is in my room.


Basically I want to get all vertex stuff for my 240, and then repaint it that gunmetal grey that's on the new lexus's they got out. It looks like black at night, and really dark during the day but when the sun hit's it, it's gunmetal with a nice flake in it. You will see! And I will end this Entry with some more Vertex porn as this is currently my desktop at work.

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