Saturday Scoots, Royal Origin / Kuruma / 90's forever / OC Product Photos. And secret Chino Hills Meet

I am by far not the blogger you remember, I am not a photographer so I am posting unedited shots only. Just simply an old dude hanging out with other old dudes seeing what the youth is up to and how much I can tolerate driving a sports car without air conditioning on an 84 degree day down to Orange County, CA

I made it down to OC Product Photos which is right around the corner from my Therapist's Office, such a nostalgic drive lol. Thankfully I'm in a much better place mentally than I was in 2019 so I haven't visited her in quite some time. But anyway enough of that, let's get into the car photos. I guess I'm going to post what I took pictures of and if I have something to say I'll say it. 

This is Marlon's car from City Garage Customs. I have not personally met or spoke to him, this is the second time I've seen the car in person. A lot of my mutuals know him, seems like a cool dude. I absolutely love this car. Deep 90's / 00's Wheels that aren't step lipped, fender arches, big fat intercooler. I don't know enough about these big body sedans, I always call them Chasers, sometimes they can be Tourers. I'm an S Chassis nerd so I don't know all of the body codes and such, I just know these look damn good when done right and not a lot needs to be done to them imo. So forgive me if this isn't a chaser lol. 

I've seen this car getting built by a mutual of my homie Rodney, don't know the owners name, met him today but literally will take meeting him and hearing his name like 10 more times before I remember it. I like his car, not a huge fan of his rear overfenders, but it's what he likes and that's ALL that matters. 

We've exchanged dm's here and there, it's got a monster RB25 build under the hood and has been in more rap videos than my car. So tons more street cred than me! Period correct Volks, overall solid car. I dig it. 

Joeys is300 wagon, I remember he was on the hunt for one of these for years, I mean YEARS. So glad he finally found one, hasn't gone apeshit modding it compared to his Q45 (which I would like to see a lot more) I dig it man, these are great cars. I think his Honda Pilot pretty much has been his default rig for as long as I known him, funny how I forget he has so many damn cars. 

I'm dyslexic, I spent like 10 minutes looking for JP's instagram, because it's JJP so the 2nd J is silent as far as my brain is concerned. I'm not sure if his actual name is Jeff, most people who put El Jefe as their name usually go by Jeff and think they're clever... we're onto you. We're ig / biking mutuals, was nice to see you again buddy. But this is proof as I mentioned before unless I hear your name 10 times I'll call you what I think your name is, so enjoy this candid picture of Zaddy Jeff. LOL

This thing is cool, I honestly can't tell you why it's cool. I'm guessing it's some kind of skyline or toyota celica. I didn't really get the panties off of this one so I don't really know what it is in and out. I just know it's an old car with some choice stickers on it, some watanabes and they really like boss coffee products. (Which I've never had btw, not enough coffee for a junky like myself) 

This thing was cool, I don't know shit about BMW's I'm guessing this is like an e30 or something. It's on work Emitz I think haha look at me trying to sound like I know what i'm talking about. I honestly don't know what wheels these are but they work. There were quite a few euro cars with jdm wheels that just worked. I just didn't take pictures of everything because I wanted to post my pics on instagram, but since I do the whole artsy fartsy white frames for "aesthetics" it fucking takes forever and fills up my one drive with both pics so I gotta go back and delete them when I post them. 

Not that you gave a shit, you're just here looking to see if I took a picture of your car I'm sure! j/k but not really. 

There are no pics I could take of this benz to do it justice, this thing was hard as hell. The TE's were two different colors too, it was like this matt bronze on the faces but the lips were like a polished bronze. Weird, they just worked with this cars color.

Big man on campus, I was following the body work on this s13 recently, came out pretty good. I didn't get all up in his shit to check the quality of the paint but definitely not your typical freshly painted orange peel ridden car you'd see 10 years ago. The owners name is Franco I believe, and was painted by this young cat I hit up to paint my kouki wing. Wanted to see him work his magic but unfortunately for him and luckily for me. My brother finally got this car he's been working on for the last year finished so I can bug him to paint my shit. 

The man, the myth, the legend. Jay Cray, I swear to god I have run into this dude like 3-4 times in my life due to our mutuals and everytime he always has some crazy ass car. Feels like yesterday we were under the LA Bridges at 1 in the morning taking picture of whatever the fuck he was driving then, some kind of lexus. Then the TC or LC or whatever came out and he modded the ears off of that, then the NSX Dropped and he dropped that car faster than... I really don't have anything witty to say

I'm just glad I finally got to see one of these in person, and it's a hybrid. I dunno how that even works but shits cool. Massive fucking carbon brakes. Wish they would've made the e-brake a little more attractive rather than a dinky ass caliper. 

This is Peters S13, I'm pretty sure his girlfriend brought a snake to the last car meet I went to. That was... different, pretty cool. I'm sure riding in an s-chassis without a/c is like being in a geranium anyway haha! I dig the car, really like the rear wheels too ;) 

This is Alberto's S13, my brothers name is Roberto, so this is an easy name to remember, he's also got some gnarly hair so that makes it easier to remember him haha. 

Dan the man! 2 s14's I imagine if I owned 2 240's my cars would be exactly the same, stock. Because who can afford to own and mod 2 s14's let alone s-chassis these days? 

Lights Camera Action Hugo's s14 is so nice. OEM Rears, Chargespeed fronts, I believe JDM Navan front bumper, slammed all to shit (it's on air, but he never airs the car up unless he works on it.) Our paint would look extremely similar if I bothered to wax my car. I just can't be bothered with it, something about spending 5-6 hours detailing a black car in a world where pollen exists. 

Always nice seeing Kognition stuff, these wings create crazy downforce. He retired making wings and makes watches now, good for him. Forget the name of the owner of the car, 2nd time meeting him lol. 

This is proof I am no photographer, I had my camera set to 1.4 AP and used autofocus, so the focus put the window frame as the subject and bokeh'd the interior I was trying to shoot LMAO! 

I still had my 16mm lense on across the parking lot trying to capture this shit, static problems, dude came up the driveway and made his front bumper disappear. It was nice seeing everyone being so supportive and helping him get his car back together. 

I'm telling you I really don't take pictures of my own shit when I go to meets. I already don't like showing up with the front bumpers paint in the condition it's in. Sometimes I forget what running 265's up front did to my car when I see the 245's on there now and constantly want to square my sidewalls up. Maybe I should've bought 9 1/2 inch wide front wheels instead of 10's. Either way this is the price I paid for lip length. 

More of Hugo's s14. It's so simple, yet so good. Really making me considering actually getting tint and ripping all of my stickers off. 

I don't know if this dude is running a bash bar, if his bumper is held up by hopes and dreams and 14 zipties. All I know is I never want to have the feeling of driving somewhere and the shame of driving over my own front bumper going through a parking lot ever again. 

For reference... you will never catch me riding dirty again, I bought a core support that week. 

Took a couple more pics of Jay's NSX man this thing is so cool. It's not a huge car at all, this is probably why I am so bent over the new Civic Type R and Acura Integra. How can the same company who designed this be responsible for all of those ugly children? 

Anyway, did my Irish Goodbye and got invited to check out this meet in Chino Hills, CA. I guess the location was "discreet" but there was a whole fucking parking lot of cars, I don't really know how to take night pictures. So I set my camera to Jesus Take the Wheel and this is what I was able to snap. 

Love this

Ivans s14 on Air and the hottest hotboi wheels right now. Fresh paint, tinted windows, green underglow. This is how simple it is to build a good looking s14. It's really not that hard, people be doing the most. Hi, I'm people. 

It was really cool seeing this s14, or Nissan Maxima out in the wild. Crazy, for legal reasons I cannot confirm nor deny this is what you think it is. I was unable to speak with the owner to ask what it registered as. 

Nissan Hard body, winning if there is an sr20 under there. Or something else cool. 

Green Z, what's not to like. 

City Girls Up!

Hey let me stand in the light while your photo is processing, cool? cool. 

That's all, was a nice little tea spot which I cannot name because that would expose the spot. All in all was cool nobody burned the spot. I saw an is250 there mad max style with no front fenders, a tire rack with 2 wheels on the roof and bozoku exhaust pipes about 4 feet tall off the back of it. 

And it makes me even more thankful I don't live anywhere close to the fucking 909 or 951 anymore. I just don't understand some of the dumb shit people do with their cars, but again to each their own. 

By the time I got home and off the freeway I heard a horrible vibrating noise in my engine bay which only occured when the car wasn't under load. So I was thinking maybe my clutch is telling me it's closing time. Who knows, luckily my tower brace just came a little loose and was rubbing against my valve cover causing the vibrating noise. 

I threw my car cover on and called it a night and here I am posting this blog because I figured this would be way better than spending an hour editing all of these photos and making 4 different ig posts for 8 likes. 


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